Picsart Era

As an Illustrator/Designer at Picsart, I created templates, illustrations, backgrounds, and stickers to attract prosumer users while conducting ongoing trend research.


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The project focused on catering to the needs of prosumer users by providing them with high-quality and visually appealing resources for their creative endeavours. This involved creating various templates, illustrations, backgrounds, and stickers that were versatile, engaging, and aligned with current design and global trends.

One of the main challenges was creating artworks that resonated with a diverse audience, including prosumers from various industries and backgrounds. The task required staying updated with the latest design trends while also conducting regular research on broader topics to understand the interests and preferences of the target audience.

To address these challenges, I implemented a comprehensive research strategy that included monthly, quarterly, and trend research. This involved studying design trends, exploring popular topics, and staying informed about global events and cultural shifts. By understanding the target audience's interests, I was able to create artworks that spoke to everyone while maintaining a high level of visual appeal and relevance.

Target Audience Analysis and Research

During the initial phase, I conducted extensive research on the target audience, focusing on prosumers such as small business owners, IG bloggers, and YouTubers. This analysis helped me gain insights into their preferences, needs, and creative requirements. Additionally, I conducted trend research to identify design and global trends that would resonate with the target audience.

Artwork Creation and Design Development

In this phase, I utilized the insights gathered from the target audience analysis and research to create a wide range of artworks, including templates, illustrations, backgrounds, and stickers. These resources were designed to be visually appealing, versatile, and aligned with the latest design trends. The goal was to provide prosumers with high-quality assets that enhanced their creative projects and attracted new premium users to the Picsart app.

Ongoing Trend Research and Adaptation

Throughout the year-long project, I continuously conducted trend research to stay up-to-date with the evolving interests and preferences of the target audience. This allowed me to adapt the artwork creation process and incorporate emerging trends into the designs. By remaining flexible and responsive to the dynamic nature of design and global trends, I ensured that the artworks remained relevant and engaging for the prosumer users.

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