Fungis Branding

Embark on the captivating journey of the Fungis Brand Book, a visual identity crafted for an online marketplace specializing in psychedelic fungi products. This case study unveils the strategic decisions and creative process that shaped the Fungis brand.








Branding & identity design

The Fungis branding initiative aimed to establish a unique visual identity for an online marketplace dedicated to psychedelic fungi products. The comprehensive brand book encompasses crucial elements such as logos and character design, providing a cohesive guide for creative expression while maintaining visual consistency. An essential aspect of the project was the brand's commitment to educating users on the responsible and informed use of psychedelics.

Navigating the unique landscape of psychedelic fungi products posed challenges, demanding a careful blend of playfulness and professionalism. The brand's commitment to responsible use added complexity, requiring a visual language that communicates both safety and approachability. Emphasizing these values in a market often associated with recreational use presented a distinctive hurdle.

To meet these challenges, creating a compelling brand identity for Fungis involved meticulous decisions in the areas of logotype, colors, and character design. The logotype is a distinctive representation capturing the essence of Fungis, ensuring adaptability for various applications. Vibrant yet subtle colors, including the commanding Fungis Magic Sky complemented by Fungis Turquoise, Calamansi, and Begonia, were selected to create a harmonious and engaging visual palette. The character element in the logo is a playful mushroom representation, embodying the brand's fun and youthful essence. This character and the chosen colors communicate the unique and dynamic nature of psychedelic fungi products. Fungis is more than a mere brand; it's a visual experience that invites a conscious exploration of its offerings.

Commitment To Responsible Use

Fungis is not only a brand but a steadfast commitment to responsible use. Rooted in the belief that psychedelic fungi products require a mindful approach, our dedication to responsible consumption is integral to our identity. By seamlessly integrating educational messaging into our visual language and design choices, Fungis serves as a beacon for those seeking a balanced and conscious exploration of the unique experiences our products offer. It's not just about the brand; it's about fostering a culture of informed and responsible use within the realm of psychedelic fungi products.

Big Bro & Lil Bo

Fungis' mascots, "Lil Bo" and "Big Bro," are the heartbeat of our brand, embodying the perfect blend of energy, guidance, and humor. Designed to personify our brand's personality, these charismatic characters play a pivotal role in creating a memorable and engaging experience for our audience. Beyond enhancing brand recognition, Lil Bo and Big Bro add a special touch of joy and warmth to the Fungis journey, ensuring our users feel connected and camaraderie as they navigate the world of psychedelic fungi products.

Navigating Psychedelic Exploration

Fungis represents a design journey infused with passion and purpose. Every color, curve, and character, from the vibrant palette to the lively mascots, has been a deliberate creation aimed at visually guiding users through the realm of psychedelic fungi products. As a designer, the commitment to responsible use is not just a statement but a core principle intricately woven into the brand's identity. Fungis is not merely a project; it's a visual experience, a canvas where every stroke speaks to the mindful exploration of a unique and conscious world.

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