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In the BET TALKS podcast branding case study, I created a young, vibrant, and slightly old-school brand identity for an i-Gaming podcast, capturing the energy and nostalgia of the target audience.


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Branding & identity design

Motion Design

The BET TALKS podcast is an i-Gaming podcast that aims to provide insightful discussions, interviews, and analysis of the world of online gambling and betting. The client's vision was to create a brand identity that appeals to a younger demographic, radiates energy and excitement, and hints at old-school charm. The branding needed to reflect the fast-paced and dynamic nature of the i-Gaming industry while maintaining a sense of credibility and expertise.

Several challenges were encountered during the BET TALKS podcast branding project. Firstly, finding the right balance between youthfulness and an old-school style was a unique task that required careful consideration. The challenge was to evoke nostalgia without appearing outdated or irrelevant. Additionally, creating a visual identity that resonated with the i-Gaming audience while maintaining a sense of professionalism and expertise was a key challenge.

To address these challenges, I adopted a strategic approach that combined modern design elements with nostalgic references. I thoroughly researched the target audience's preferences and the i-Gaming industry's visual trends. By leveraging bold and vibrant colours, typography inspired by vintage design, and incorporating retro-inspired graphic elements, I created a brand identity that successfully blended youthfulness with an old-school charm. This approach resonated with the target audience while maintaining a contemporary feel.

Brand Exploration and Mood Board Creation

In the initial phase, I conducted extensive brand exploration, researching design styles and elements that conveyed youthfulness and old-school aesthetics. Based on my findings, I created a mood board that served as a visual reference and inspiration for brand identity development. The mood board incorporated vibrant colours, retro typography, and nostalgic imagery, setting the foundation for the brand's visual direction.

Logo Design and Icon Development

Building upon the mood board, I designed the podcast's logo. The logo aimed to capture the brand's essence by combining modern typography with subtle retro touches. The logo incorporated elements such as bold letterforms, vintage-inspired motifs, and a contemporary colour palette. Additionally, I developed a set of unique icons that represented vital themes and topics discussed on the podcast, enhancing the overall brand identity.

Visual Collateral and Brand Guidelines

To ensure consistency across various touchpoints, I created visual collateral, including podcast cover art, social media assets, and promotional materials. By following the established brand guidelines, I maintained a cohesive visual language throughout these elements. The guidelines covered color usage, typography, imagery style, and logo placement, providing a clear framework for the brand's future applications.

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