Arleam Dried Fruits

In the packaging design project for "ArLeAm" dried fruits and vegetables, I created illustrations showcasing the best time to consume each product, emphasizing the importance of proper nutrition and timing in a single sentence.









Packaging Design

The goal of the project was to design packaging for the "ArLeAm" brand's dried fruits and vegetables, including red and green apples, carrots, beetroot, and eggplant. The concept revolved around highlighting the optimal consumption time of each product to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The main challenge was effectively communicating the concept of consuming each fruit and vegetable at the right time of day through visual illustrations. Additionally, another challenge was ensuring that the packaging design was visually appealing, informative, and cohesive across all product variants.

To address these challenges, I thoroughly researched the nutritional benefits and ideal consumption times for each product. Leveraging this information, I designed illustrations that represented specific moments of the day for each fruit and vegetable, creating a visual narrative that conveyed the optimal time to consume them. Additionally, I developed a cohesive packaging design that incorporated illustrations, relevant product information, and a consistent brand identity.

Concept Development and Research

During the initial phase, I researched the nutritional benefits and optimal consumption times for red and green apples, carrots, beetroot, and eggplant. This research formed the foundation for concept development, where I explored how to visually represent the different times of day for each product based on their ideal consumption times.

Illustration Design and Packaging Integration

In this phase, I created illustrations that depicted specific scenes representing the optimal consumption times for each fruit and vegetable. For example, the green apple illustration showcased an early morning scene during sunrise, conveying the ideal time to consume the fruit. These illustrations were integrated into the packaging design, creating an engaging and informative visual representation of each product.

Brand Identity and Packaging Cohesion

In the final phase, I focused on ensuring a cohesive brand identity across the packaging design for all five products. This involved incorporating consistent visual elements, typography, and color schemes. By maintaining a unified design approach, I created a visually appealing and informative packaging solution that reflected the "ArLeAm" brand and its commitment to promoting healthy nutrition.

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